Q1. What is the equipment?
A. We use XM22 Digital Outdoor Laser Taggers and the MP5 Stinger. These taggers are very advanced, yet simple to use. The taggers are of the proper weight for realistic game play and have metal housing for durability. Each unit has a reload button, a red-dot scope, trigger and adjustable stock. There are 3 sensors on the head band and one on the tagger. The range varies on the weather; up to 700 feet in bright daylight and 1400 feet in the dark.


Q2. How much does extra ammunition cost?
A. Zero. All the ammunition you need is included in the price.

Q3. Where can you play?
A. Where would you like to play? We are a fully mobile operation and bring the game to you. If you want to play at your house, office, park, forest, fair, school, gymnasium, inside or outside - you name the location and we will work with you to make it happen. The play area possibilities are endless.

Q4. How much fun could it be to play in an open field?
A. We set up the field using portable barriers.

Q5. How much space do you require?
A. We have played in an area as small as 10 x 30 metres (30 x 90 feet) and as large as several acres.

Q6. What do I bring?
A. We strongly recommend you wear covered shoes/hiking boots, long pants and bring a water bottle. Players have also brought 2-way radios for team communications. Clothing and protection appropriate for the environment (sunscreen,bug spray, gloves, etc.)

Q7. What if it rains?
A. We get wet. Light rain or patchy weather is acceptable and does not require cancellation. However, very heavy rain necessitate that we reschedule. The equipment is very weather resistant so we can play in most weather conditions including rain, snow, or sunlight.

Q8. When you are tagged out is your day over?
A. No that would be way too harsh. Just like in many video games you have a set number of hit points and lives. The beginner's missions have quite a few respawns. If you are tagged out you can be respawned, i.e. the referee will re-enable your tagger. Once you have been respawned you can jump right back into the game. In the more advanced missions it is possible you will not be respawned, but then you play in the very next game.

Q9. How do I know I need to be respawned?
A. Don't worry you'll know. Your tagger will light up, cease firing and let you know audibly.

Q10. How do I know I have tagged someone?
A. Generally you can hear the "ouch" sound from the opponent's tagger. Also the sensors light up every time you tag them.

Q11. Does it hurt when you get "hit"?
A. Not at all. The system uses harmless infrared technology similar to a TV's remote control. When you are "hit" your tagger lights up and emits an audible "ouch" sound.

Q12. What is this "mission" you keep talking about?
A. Missions are the types of games available. Players all over the world have developed a variety of missions; some classic ones like Team Elimination and Capture the Flag and more advanced ones based on recreating video games or movies. We keep the rules for our favorite
Laser Tag Missions online.

Q13. Which missions do we get to play?
A. This is up to you. A typical one hour beginner's session will have the following missions -- Picket Fence and two games of Team Elimination. We can design missions to suit you or you can design your own. Some of our favorite Laser Tag Missions can be viewed online.

Q14. Is it like paintball?
A. It can be very similar to paintball in terms of play but definitely NOT in terms of safety, pain or mess. Our equipment does not shoot any projectiles. The game is about stealth, teamwork and fun.

Q15. Is it like indoor laser tag?
A. Not so much. If you like traditional indoor laser tag then you'll absolutely love playing Quinte Laser Tag. The technology is similar, but the range, accuracy and anti-cheating is unique.

Q16. Who can play?
A. The game is open to anyone 8 years of age or older, male or female, fit or unfit. Our oldest player is 81 years old; and we have had a supervised 6 year old play. If you have younger children who want to play an adult would have to accompany them on the play area at all times.

Q17. Do I need a reservation to play?
A. Yes, we do not have a fixed location so all games must be reserved. We are mobile and come to you. Book early to avoid having your preferred time slot taken.

Q18. How many people do I need to play?
A. A minimum of 8 people is required (less can play but the price is the same).

Q19. Is it safe?
A. This game is safer than most sports for the following reasons:

  • 1. No contact allowed.
  • 2. No projectiles (nothing shoots from the laser taggers except for light)
  • 3. No laser (the light emitted is perfectly safe and is similar to the infrared used by your TV remote control.
  • 4. Supervised play, all games have at least one referee monitoring the game.

Q20. Why haven't I heard of this kind of thing before?
A. There are probably less than 75 commercial outdoor laser tag operators in North America. The equipment is very expensive, making it accessible to only those that are serious about running a professional operation.

Q21. When are you available?
A. We are available Every Day, all year (we don't normally book Thursdays, but on a case-by-case basis we can - Cadet Nite!). Bookings are limited to first come first serve.

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